Oh …. From Your Magic, Set me Free!!

Oh M. J.

From your magic … Set me free!!

By: Enhaa Yousuf


All burst in tears asking why

 A star fades away from the sky

What destiny can be of mine?

No reply among fog will shine


Like him no one can be

Nor likes his work can be done

Weeping as birds, who can see?

Just to say, he has gone


It is time of show and no light

No dance, no hands raise up

Death is battle with no fight

But you will stay king of pop


Come so close … be there

Burn all over the world

To your agony who care

Let all your songs be heard


Needless, homeless, and alone

Just rhythm, is the best friend 

Strange among family looks frown

All love around but feel dead


Away from fame deeply in grief

“I love you” just be brief

At fall no wind of desire blow

How river in a desert can flow


Watching earth regularly move

All around wearing robe

Down-to-earth try to prove

Lay on the grass with no hope

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